Cinema Sound Photo Book CD「悠久の自然 アラスカ」

Majestic Nature of Alaska

星野道夫(写真・エッセイ) 磯部 弘(語り) 中島まさる(音楽)

「悠久の自然 アラスカ」公式ホームページ(“Majestic Nature of Alaska” official website)

Michio Hoshino (Photography and essays), Hiroshi Isobe (Reading),
Masaru Nakajima (Music)
Reader’s theater performed for the first time in 2016 in Tokyo (Media Plus Hall of Nippon Cultural Broadcasting in Minato Ward). Highly appreciated since then, the theater has been played repeatedly in Chiba, Sapporo, Geneva and Tokyo (Za-koenji2 in Suginami Ward).